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Asperger Pride
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Traits or symptoms


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Key Objectives

bulletGive a greater understanding of possible origins of Aspergers people
bulletAdvocate that Asperbers (Aspergers) is not an ailment but is a gift
bulletAdvocate that instead of seeking to cure Aspergers that it should be enhanced 
bulletAdvocate that there should be an enlightened approach to the need to modify Non-Asperger behaviour



Asperger Pride.

Aspergers, Neanderthals and Jedi

Perhaps it is time to cease treating what is termed Aspergers Syndrome as an ailment and recognize it as a gift.

I would suggest that those who are fortunate enough to have the syndrome should be fostered and encouraged. I would suggest that it is a fallacy and unproductive to seek to cure that which is not an illness. That is not to suggest that there are not those, who within the group who may have problems. That is so within any large group. Indeed often that can easily become a problem due to the erroneous labeling, and if there were a preexisting problem then it may indeed be intensified by the well meaning treatment. The way to hell is often paved with food intentions.

I would invite those who have been identified by others as being Aspergers

Those who would identify themselves as Aspergers

And those who would seek to understand us


Use this Website as a rallying point, as a place where you can feel you belong



Aspergers ailment or a gift :

A different perspective

Asperger people a pointer to our human past









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