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Traits or symptoms

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Asperger Traits

Generally I would reject the term "Symptoms" as I would not call Aspergers an ailment. Therefore I would contend that these are "Traits".

These are the items taken form a number of sources as being indicators of Aspergers people comments for each follow

"characterized by social isolation" "impairments in two-sided social interaction"

social interaction is a two sided affair. If there are failures in social interaction then logically both sides need to modify behaviour not just one. The failure is on both sides.

Perhaps the non aspergers need re-education. It is clear from all the work that Aspergers reach out it is nonAs who do the rejecting. Common behaviour amongst NonA is "it must be like us, if not we will reject, attack or destroy" I would ask which is the behaviour which is desirable and which needs modification.

eccentric behavior

I must assume behaviour which is not the same as mine is to be considered eccentric ?

impairments in non-verbal communication

Non verbal communication is interesting in that it is an indicator of deceptive behaviours used by NonAs. In reality they say one thing but really mean something else> Viewed objectively this is irrational behaviour, however it does enable social interaction to take place. For further development of this see Pages on Homo Erectus as to its survival value. Suffice to say here that the task for Aspergers is to become aware of and to cope with deception without indulging in it themselves. Why indeed should it be "cured"

Clumsiness in articulation

I think this one really refers to the comments above because it seems to go against the mainstream which says that Aspergers usually have a high level of skills with words

Clumsiness in gross motor behavior

Most children a clumsy some grow out of it some don't. For many A's I would suggest that they internalise thought heavily and frequently aspire to things beyond their current physical ability, but hey look at what they achieve in the end

A circumscribed area of interest which usually leaves no space for more age appropriate, common interests such as meteorology, astronomy or history.

Condemning children for being gifted. Condemning people who are gifted for their gifts. Who is it that needs help ?? Who decides what is "age appropriate"?? I am moved to say "Physicians heal thyselves first" 

What is our education system doing wrong to kill this interest? Why has it failed to foster this in all children and adults. Interest is Astronomy, History and meteorology would seem to me to be more desirable than the interest in drugs alcohol and violence which the rest of society has developed.

"difficulty reading nonverbal cues (body language) " Do not develop good eye contact or avoid eye contact"

In addition to the comments above I would suggest that the reason is the heavy internalization of thought by A's and others who are theoreticians. I would suggest that it is an important survival skill that needs to be developed in A's to be able to avoid both physical and social attacks.

difficulty determining proper body space

Hey guys (of both sexes) in a rapidly overcrowding planet, better get used to it otherwise NonA's will be suffering another syndrome.

Often overly sensitive to sounds, tastes, smells, and sights

So A's have good sensory systems. All the better. Why would you want to "cure" this ? Would it not be more logical (dare I use that word) to utilize the skills.

bothered by sounds or lights no one else seems to hear or see

I am reminded of a case in the UK where a woman was about to be put in a mental institution because she hear sounds nobody else could. She herself began to believe that she was ill, everybody told her so. She lived near Heathrow airport. Her case gained publicity in a local paper. A technician at the airport became intrigued. Brought out some highly sensitive sound equipment. Found that the noise was in fact really there. It was the noise made by the shear between the upper atmosphere and the jet stream. She was not mad just more highly sensitive than the rest. It was they who were not gifted or tolerant.

may prefer soft clothing, certain foods

I would wonder why this needs curing. If it does there is unending work for doctors and psychiatrists

have a normal IQ and many individuals (although not all), exhibit exceptional skill or talent in a specific area. Because of their high degree of functionality and their naiveté, those with AS are often viewed as eccentric or odd and can easily become victims of teasing and bullying.

It would appear that the proposal is that we should cure the IQ normal and the gifted and call and label them eccentric. The logical inference is that the normal should be those that bully and tease especially those who are different, gifted or odd. Sorry cannot agree.

deficits in pragmatics and prosody


Vocabularies may be extraordinarily rich and some children sound like "little professors." However, persons with AS can be extremely literal and have difficulty using language in a social context.

their clumsy, nerdish social skills

This sounds remarkably anti intellectual. Indeed I would suggest displays a very low level of sociably acceptable verbal communication. Is it intended to make A's fell comfortable, ready to communicate and act socially with the author of this. Sorry if I have offended but am just making a point. I would also like the author of this comment to explain what is wrong with being "literal" and actually saying what you mean? How is that wrong ? Perhaps it is a matter of nerdish social skills, but then whose?

Though they want to be accepted by their peers, they tend to be very hurt and frustrated by their lack of social success

Their ability to respond is confounded by the negative feedback that these children get from their painful social interactions

the more negative feedback they get, so the worse they feel and perform

A's reach out and want to be friends. They meet rejection. Why because they want to talk about real things, they want to exercise their minds, they want to inform others, help others to understand the world around them, to share information rather than meaningless chit chat. How are the A's supposed to be the ones to have an ailment that needs to be cured ?????

be more common in males

That is to be expected. Males provide the greater variety in the species. Females because of the greater development of the corpus collossum are better able to integrate both hemispheres of the brain tend to be more able to work in both areas. Further females tend to seek acceptance more and they like all gifted unless encouraged at an early age will dumb down to fit in. They especially become victims of social pressure. They often realize that most NonA' males feel threatened by an intelligent female

are no clinically significant delays in language or cognition or self help skills or in adaptive behavior, other than social interaction.

Then do not treat the A's as if they had an illness

the disorder follows a continuous course and is usually lifelong.

Thank goodness that "not all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" have been able to destroy A's

Such mistakes in diagnosis lead to a delay in treatment of the disorder, though many pharmaceuticals and natural remedies are used to treat multiple neurological and pervasive developmental disorders. Remedies used today range from St. John's Wort tea to drugs such as Haldol and Ritalin. Treatments vary to a great degree with the individual patient - no single medication or remedy works for everyone - and AS cannot be completely cured.

I have stood up to charging bull buffalo, I have faced death on many occasions, I have stood against some of the biggest corporations in my country. But facing this statement I feel a tinge of terror not for myself but for others. The idea of if it is different, cure it, denigrate it, kill it, but best of all Farenghi like make money out of it and drug it. Thank the light side we cannot be completely cured despite all your efforts. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US


He is a happy, healthy child, who enjoys soccer, reading, riding his bike, and playing video games.

Tim, despite his struggles with Asperger's, is amazing. Since he was three, he's had a fascination with anything electronic, such as hand-held video games, various applicances including the family VCR, and computers. He started playing Mario Brothers on our Nintendo (back when there was only the regular Nintendo) when he was 3 1/2.


has always liked music, especially classical. His favorite music, it seems, is the soundtrack from the movie Fantasia, and he especially likes "The Nutcracker Suite."

He also has an incredible aptitude for math. By age 9, he could not only add and subtract, but also multiply, divide, use a number line (including negative numbers), square a number and take the square root of a number. He has done some basic algebra using variables, and has studied basic geometry, including diameters, circumferences, etc.

His problems lie in his communication skills. He is easily confused by directions, such as "Go across the room," because his mind can't process the word "across" - in his mind, he visualizes "a cross," and the command doesn't make sense to him. When he gets disoriented and confused, he becomes frustrated, even angry, and can be quite difficult to handle.

This one is very lucky to be in a family which is supportive and obviously helping him to understand the world in which he must operate. By the same token the family is luck to have this gifted human who will one day given a little more luck make you very proud of him and of your support.

From the Australian Psychologist Tony Attwood, I saw a TV presentation he made on Aspergers. Some points as I remember them. If he has objections I hope he will correspond to correct my memory.

When in a football game if asked for the ball by a member of an opposing team he will give it. The answer given that he asked for it politely.

Though not the object of the game is it not a better thing to value and live by co-operation rather than aggression and competition.

I recall an A' trying tennis and being somewhat upset by the fact that he always hit the ball where the other person could get it and hit it back. The other player always, most unsportingly A' thought hit it where he could not.

Another variation was A' had a colleague chess player. A' played for the intellectual problems to be solved, the other to stop him. I would assess both of equal intellectual skill but A' won far more frequently


If it were not for Aspergers humanity would still be in their caves socializing


A's Wear clothes that are comfortable not trendy. They do not pay attention to peer pressure

Though it may be hard on the fashion industry that may not be a bad thing. It is interesting that primates will watch pictures of the faces of alphas to the point where they will fail to eat. Isn't that is how fashion works too.

A's work on logic not social convention

A different and maybe preferable way

A's enjoy their own company they enjoy solitude

What is wrong with solitude provided it is desired by the A' it is often ones most productive time

Revealers of the truth

Perhaps truth should be more valued in society and commerce, Then Enron and HIH might not occur

A' Way of conversation is exchange of information

Sheep bleat nonsense perhaps humanity cannot afford too much nonsense when there are wars and starvation. Perhaps it would be wiser to adopt the A' approach first and socialize and play when the problems have been fixed. Otherwise all may self destruct.


They do not enjoy conversation with those two have no knowledge

This seems to show a preference for nonsense. This is illogical, unproductive and undesirable.

They may collect things and catalogue

They preserve our past. In time of disaster they are the survivors

Often self taught

A's love learning Why this be disparaged or discouraged? Certainly it should not be "cured"


"From my experience I consider the children and adults with Asperger"s Syndrome have a different, not defective, way of thinking. The person usually has a strong desire to seek knowledge, truth and perfection with a different set of priorities than would be expected with other people. There is also a different perception of situations and sensory experiences. The overriding priority may be to solve a problem rather than to satisfy the social or emotional needs of others. The person values being creative rather than co-operative. The person with Asperger’s Syndrome may perceive errors that are not apparent to others, giving considerable attention to detail, rather than noticing the ‘big picture’. The person is usually renowned for being direct, speaking their mind and being honest and determined and having a strong sense of social justice. The person may actively seek and enjoy solitude, be a loyal friend and have a distinct sense of humour. However, the person with Asperger’s Syndrome can have difficulty with the management and expression of emotions."

From Tony Attwood Website


This would be the best statement I have seen from a professional in the area though I would have some problem with the implication that Aspergers may not be co-operative, a difficult statement



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