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A few inherent propositions

The propositions here are not intended to be "used by knaves to make a trap for fools" Kipling

Humans must realize that if you cut a person that person will bleed just like any other.

Humans should also realize that unless humans learn rapidly to live together and cooperate they have inbuilt automatic self destruction.


Further except for the purpose of better understanding does it really matter whose monkey first came down out of what tree?

Definitions & Terms

bulletThe word "fact" is taken to mean those things which are true with a high level of probability
bulletThe word "belief" is taken to mean those things which are probable but not yet proven to my satisfaction
bulletAll presented theories here are held to so under the given circumstances and within the given parameters

I would contend that in this real universe the only certainty is that many things are uncertain. E.g. 2 + 2 = 4 but only in the proper base e.g base 10 and only if the numbers are positive

The sentient beings in this universe operate on the basis of high or reasonable probability of occurrences.

The current western tertiary scientific method is defective as it does not encourage exploratory propositions, nor does it encourage presentation of as many counter propositions as practical

Peer evaluations and student evaluations should not be personally or reputation destructive

Objectivity should be valued but kept in perspective passion should be also valued in the presentations

I would contend that it would be rare that there would by any group with would be genetically pure, and if a group were then the question would be "so what".

There is no superiority of one group over another those who are superior in one way will be highly likely to be inferior in another. Even if it were not the case there can be no justification for the attempts at domination of one over another.


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