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From a different perspective or point of view,

Those who are identified as being Aspergers syndrome may be only those who have not yet been able to over come the problem of having been born in what is to them/us an alien society. It is like being left handed in a right handed society

From an Asperberger perspective they would say numbers of the aliens are greater than ours therefore we must live in their society rather than our own.

I see apsergers as being the equivalent of the children of Abel in contrast to those who are the children of Cain. I would put forward the thesis that aspergers are the descendents who carry the Neanderthal gene in greater proportion than those of Homo Erectus

At the present time I would estimate the asperneanders to be approximately 15-20% of the population. For the good of this planet and our civilization the ideal would be if it were to be around 50/50. To my perspective the ideal civilization would be one based on co-operation logic and problem solving tempered with mercy, understanding and empathy.

Both groups are members of the species homo sapiens and there must not therefore be discrimination. Discrimination is odious both inter and intra sepecies. It is especially odious and self destructive where it occurs within a species. Variety is not only the spice of life it is the very basis of continued existence.

In the past there was resistance to the idea that there would have been interbreeding the fact that they are both Homo Sapiens removes the theoretic barrier.  It has been suggested that the individuals of one group would be unattractive to another. That is not a valid argument and is quite unsupportable in view of observed modern human behaviour. Even modern humans of both genders have even indulged in interspecies sex That rape is all too common amongst modern humans would suggest strongly that this was also a feature of their ancestors. It is not unreasonable to suggest that if there was conflict between Erectus and Neadnerthal this would have taken place. To deny the possibility of love and affection is I believe to demean the good in human spirit.That there were successful matings either though force or attraction seems now to be evidenced by the recent finding of what appears to be the skeleton of a hybrid youth.

I put forward the following thesis to explain an apparent persistent dichotomy amongst humans. That there may be some elements of the thesis which may be questioned I would contend that the fabric and the pattern of the thesis remain stable.

Neanderthal people were earlier than Cromagnon. They lived and survived through a severe and hostile environment for millennia indeed for a hundred thousand years. 

The evidence is that they lived in small family groupings, were co-operative but there is not evidence of large groupings this would be consistent with the Aspergers.

Neanderthal people were bigger, stronger and had a bigger brain capacity than

Erectus indeed greater than that of modern humans. The brain is a heavy consumer of energy and in a harsh ice age environment the survival value had to have been the reasoning ability it provided. I would contend that in a harsh environment compared with a hostile environment logic and logical behaviour had superior survival value to random and irrational behaviour.

I would define the harsh environment as being one where the Physical elements are the dominant anti survival factors are the physical elements rather than fraternal or competing species.

I would define the hostile environment as being that where the anti survival factors are predominantly competing species or elements of the parent species.

One problem is to explain with reason why the Neanderthal group which is bigger, stronger and with a greater brain mass gives way to the Erectus. (The general image which people have of Neanderthals being brutish derives from the first of the skeletons as having been from a comparatively old arthritic.)

I would suggest that a major factor was aggression within the species. A possible second factor may have been the degree of irrationality and/or of competing logics.

I would suggest that Erectus lived in a very hostile environment in heavy competition from other species. This would have lead to a need for aggressive behaviour for survival and this would have resulted in intra species of the same behaviour. Strike first ask question later (preemptive strike) has distinct survival value. Also of survival value in a hostile environment is irrational behaviour. At one time I had one of my students build an electonic mouse. It was programmed to act in a logical manner in relation to intensity of light. When a shadow fell upon it the mouse would move in the opposite direction. Students actin as predatory cats rapidly learned that if they used one paw to cast the shadow they could use other to strike in the predictable direction. Ergo mouse for dinner. If you then programmed the mouse to randomised response or in other words display irrational behaviour the new mouse had distinct survival chances. The response was unpredictable indeed it may even attack the predator.



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