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700 Researchers seek early infant identification of Autism signs

Sunday, June 05, 2005 -- On or about May 5th A meeting of 700 Scientists took Place in Boston they were concerned with Autism were looking at early infant identification . The intention was to seek ways to alter the early brain development of the infant. The way to hell could be paved with good intentions.

In view o the fact that Aspergers is regarded by some, as an ailment and by others of us as a highly desirable trait we would urge great caution with this area to say the very least. Some are seeking to use differences in protein blood samples taken at birth as triggers for intervention. Going down this pathway has very serious implications for brain manipulation and potential for racial discrimination and possible issues of genetic manipulation involved where one participant was using the term "biomedical therapies"  for early intervention. 

Great care must be taken that Aspergers are not discriminated against and modified to be Non A's in early infancy.

Judge for yourself and let us know what you think. It is your future that is in question



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